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Ukraine: Latvian citizen arrested for acts of sabotage in armed conflict

Ukraine: Latvian citizen arrested for acts of sabotage in armed conflict

A Latvian citizen has been arrested and faces charges of illegal participation in an armed conflict for having traveled to Ukraine in early 2022 with the aim of carrying out an act of sabotage and participating in military operationspresumably in the pro-Russian ranks.

As reported this Saturday by Latvian media, which refers to the state prosecutor’s officethe man violated the provisions regulating participation in armed conflicts outside the territory of Latvia.

In January 2022, a month before the start of the Russian invasion, the detainee received instructions from an individual identified only as ‘Aleksandrs’ to travel to Ukraine and carry out an act of sabotage with incendiary devices, after which he moved to that country to carry out the operation.

The case was investigated by the State Security Service (VDD) of Latvia and the suspect, whose trial will begin on June 7 before the Riga Municipal Court, is in preventive detention.

The prosecution did not provide additional details about the detainee’s actions in Ukraine nor about the circumstances of his arrest.

The VDD is also investigating another case of illegal participation in the ukrainian warbut in this case the accused could not be apprehended, according to media reports from the Baltic country.

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