The US House of Representatives has approved a measure that obliges the parent company from the social network TikTok to sell this platform, or else faces being banned in this country. The legislation forces the China-based company ByteDance to disassociate itself from the short video app TikTok within nine months, or else this platform would be banned in United States. The sale period could be extended for another year, a decision that would be in the hands of the president of the United States, the ‘NBC News’ channel has reported.

US lawmakers argue that the platform represents a “threat to national security” from the United States due to the possibility of the Chinese Government accessing user data, something that Biden has already warned about.

The US intelligence community has already accused Beijing of having used TikTok to influence the 2022 midterm elections, and warned that it could also try to interfere in the November elections this year due to its desire to “widen the divisions of the American society.”

Measure has the acceptance of the Senate, along with the support of the president, Joe Biden, and puts TikTok closer than ever to a ban in the United States. The US House of Representatives is also scheduled to vote separately this Saturday on several bills that would authorize a large $95 billion foreign aid package to Ukraine and Israel, with security assistance also to the Indo-Pacific.

This is a controversial issue, to the point that Elon Muskowner of the social network X and CEO of Tesla, has shown his disagreement with this measure since, as he has said, it violates the right to freedom of expression, despite the fact that this prohibition would benefit both X and Meta.

In addition, the United States House of Representatives approved this Saturday a package of $26.4 billion in aid for Israel. The House approved the bill by 366 votes in favor to 58 against. The item will now have to be approved in the Senate.