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Milei seeks to make Argentina look like Germany in 20 years with its reforms

Milei seeks to make Argentina look like Germany in 20 years with its reforms

The president of Argentina, Javier Mileiassured that with the reforms that his country is promoting it will be able to resemble Germany in 20 years.

During the interview with the American presenter Ben ShapiroMilei pointed out that he would like Argentina to embrace Western values ​​again “to become a developed country again”.

In fact, with the reforms that we sent in the first month, if all of them remained in force, Argentina would improve 90 places in the ranking and Argentina could look like Germany in a period of twenty years“Milei noted.

Furthermore, the president in ““The Ben Shapiro Show” He stated that if his country’s presidential elections were held again today, he would win with a higher percentage than last year and in the first round.

According to Milei, the fact that his popularity and voting intention has increased means that “The cultural battle is giving results and the Argentines decided to mature, put on long pants and once and for all start doing things right”.

On his tour, the Argentine president met with the president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Ilan Goldfajn, with whom he addressed the technical support of this financial institution in order to “improve spending efficiency” and “protection of the most vulnerable people.”

The Argentine president also went to Texas, where on Friday he met with businessman Elon Musk.

However, the Argentine politician did not visit Washington or have meetings with members of the Government of the US president, Democrat Joe Biden.

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