At least five Palestinians have died in attacks carried out by the Israeli Army against columns of displaced people who They were trying to return to their homes in the north of the Gaza Strip, which they had to abandon due to the offensive launched by Israel in response to the attacks carried out on October 7 by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians had begun a march towards northern Gaza to return to the homes of those who were forcibly displaced months ago, a movement on which the Army spoke out, warning that return is strictly prohibited because It is still a “combat zone.”

“I’m trying to return like them to the north, because life here is very miserable.”Hana Abu Humaeidan, one of the refugees, confessed to the Sixth.

With hardly any possessions and only a bag as a suitcase, women, children and the elderly return to their homes. “We are exhausted, I swear to God, we want to go back, check our houses and see our children and relatives,” Fatma Al-Najjar acknowledged.

A road full of Obstacles in the form of explosions. In the main video of the news you can see how an Israeli attack surprises them in the middle of the coastal highway that connects the north and the south.

A mother holds her children tightly while they run through the crowd barely being able to stand up. You can also see how a reporter, microphone in hand, flees along the beach, while in his wake you can see how there are injured people who cannot even get up.

The most serious ones are towed, They can’t even stop to cure them. A journey full of difficulties where they put their lives at risk to return to homes that are probably destroyed.