Today in Chile there is no talk of the mess with Venezuela as a result of Caracas’ denial of the existence of the Aragua Train. What Chileans are struggling with these days is a soap opera that they have come across and which takes place in a suburb of Santiago, Chile.

It was there where a few days ago a large suitcase appeared sealed with plastic wrap. When the police opened it, they did not find clothing or personal belongings, but rather the body of a woman dressed as a nun. A disturbing find worthy of the best chronicles of events, So both researchers and the press got to work. Who was she? Why was she in a suitcase? How had she gotten there?

Looking for answers, they began to review the security cameras in the vicinity and to their surprise, they found an octogenarian nun on the tapes dragging the suitcase through several streets in the neighborhood. When she deposited it where she was found, the nun retraced her path, returning, once again, to her house.

It was not difficult for the authorities to find her. They soon discovered that her name was Lorenza and that she was around eighty years old. They took her to the police station to finish clarifying her case and it was there where she explained her story in detail.

They were not nuns, but lovers

Actually, Lorenza she is not a nun, but he does like it live as if you were in closure in a house in the neighborhood and, of course, dress like one. The body found in the suitcase is that of Érica Fernández, 59, another woman who had died seven months earlier of a terminal illness.

After saying all this, of course, the police had even more questions: if she had nothing to do with Erica’s death, Why had he not reported his death? Why, if she had died seven months ago, had he not buried her yet? Why had she put her body in a suitcase? Lorenza had no choice but to continue singing and end up recognizing that she both They had “a very special relationship”a euphemism that would be hiding what we all think when we hear it: that In reality, Lorenza and Erica would be lovers.

In the context of this alleged love relationship, the answer that the octogenarian gave to the rest of the questions fits: that both had promised to take care of each other in life and beyond, and that they would keep each other’s death a secret. a.

Lorenza kept her promise until the end. Well, not until the end: actually for seven months, at which time she would have had to get rid of her body (in the suitcase) for fear that her daughter, who was going to visit her from Italy, would find the cake.

Now, the pretend nun is accused for not burying her alleged lover but, for now, she has been released and, in the last few hours, she has been seen so calmly in the neighborhood going out to do the shopping with a friend. However, due to the nuances of this story, Chileans do not rule out a new twist in the script in this soap opera that has the entire country in suspense.