With the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council this Tuesday in New York over, it is possible to understand the seriousness of the Israeli attack Iran consulate in Damascus due to the relevance of the highest ranking murdered man. Is about Mohammed Reza Zahedi, leader of Iran’s Foreign Revolutionary Guard, was in fact the link between the ayatollah regime and Hezbollah and Syria. Without a doubt a man in the crosshairs of the Israeli forces.

Mohammed Reza Zahedi would be the main target of the attack due to its importance within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Proof of this is how the Israeli media describe him: “He is, by far, the highest-ranking Iranian member eliminated since the war began, and even since the elimination of Qassem Soleimani.”

And they elevate this event even to the height of the assassination of General Soleimani in January 2020, whom the US – by direct order of its president, Donald Trump – killed in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, through a selective drone attack. A figure whom Tehran considered a hero in life after leading the Quds since 1998.

Zahedi, who died in the Damascus attack, was also a prominent Iranian military member of the Quds Force, a key piece in the relations of the Islamic Regime with Lebanon and the Hezbollah militias. In fact, up to 18,000 men could have been under his command between Lebanon itself and Syria, where he resided with important contacts and support for the Assad government in its war to crush the Syrian rebels.

Along with Zahedi, 63, his second has also died, Brigadier General Mohamed Hadi Haj Rahimi whose face can be seen in the images that accompany these lines. Joining them as fatalities were other members, at least five more, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in addition to six Syrians.