The closest thing to an official confirmation that gives a new multinational research —Russian dissidents, German journalists, and American media and researchers—on the mysterious condition that has left ‘out of action’ to dozens of members of intelligence and diplomatic bodies are the statements of Greg Edgreen, a United States military ‘detective’. “Yes, we are being attacked by Russia”has declared to the veteran program 60 Minutes from CBS. Author, together with The Insider and Der Spiegel, of this report, “culminates five years of work.

According to those affected, among whom there are even White House staff, “it all started with a very sharp sensation in the ear”, “as if you were being pricked with a sharp pencil”, then “the pain reached up to the chest” and in some cases “the cell phone battery began to overheat until it burst.” Many lost their balance and were left important long-term mental and nervous consequences. The common link, we now know, according to the lawyer of dozens of them, is that “everyone had been working on something related to Russia. He ‘Havana syndrome It is so called because it was there that the first case was detected in 2016, although the new report suggests that the first cases may have occurred in Germany two years earlier.

There is more than 1,000 reports about this mysterious ailment, and dozens of cases are still considered officially unexplained. But the United States has passed laws aimed at supporting victims.

Tests of a new high-tech weapon?

The mess of this supposed new energy discharge weaponto“ultrasonic-electromagnetic would have begun to unravel with cases like that of a elite FBI agent, whom this report calls Carrie. She had been investigating alleged Russian spies, such as Vitali Kovalev, engineer military suspiciously converted into a chef in New York or Washington. That he appeared on cooking shows and that, after a high-speed police chase after skipping a checkpoint, they seized a kind of walkie talkie capable of erasing remote computers. “Study radio electronics in an Army Institute, particularly for military and weapons applications“says the researcher The Insider (who was, for example, the one who discovered the poisoners behind the first assassination attempt on the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, who recently died in prison). The Insider It is a medium related to Russian dissidence.

That device would be the basis (or an example) of this new type of non-lethal but incapacitating weapon. Developed, according to documents provided in this program, by a secret unit of Russian military intelligence, 29155, present in all countries in which cases have been reported. “They are testing it and refining it with we like guinea pigs,” says agent ‘Carrie’.

Controversy served: cover-up of a hidden war with Russia?

Another supposed proof of the russian connection it would be that the son of one of the commanders of 29155 would have been close to others attacks“. One of the victims, the wife of a diplomat, recognized him during the broadcast as the man she saw outside her house at that time. The target, says ‘detective’ Edgreen: “Neutralize dozens of charges, all of a certain high rank“. And while the Pentagon’s official stance remains that “a foreign enemy is unlikely to be responsible,” these researchers say that’s because The United States does not want to admit that there is an open war with Russia.

The spokesperson of KremlinDmitry Peskov, defends that “there is no no convincing evidencee of these unfounded accusations.” Even Republican senators allied with trump They cast doubt on this entire report and assure that “it seems that many journalists have lost their minds“. The controversy, along with the concern, is served.