The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisí, stated this Tuesday that the bombing against the Iranian consulate in which 11 people died, seven of them Iranian revolutionary guards “will not remain unanswered”, an attack for which he held Israel directly responsible. Likewise, Iran has blamed the United States for the attack as Israel’s main ally.

“Once again, in a terrorist crime and in flagrant violation of international norms, the dirty hands of the usurping Zionist regime (Israel) They were stained with the blood of several generals and officials of our country,” Raisí said in a statement.

“This cowardly crime will not go unanswered.”, the president has assured. Raisí has ​​stated that “the Zionists (Israel) must know that they will never achieve their sinister objectives with these inhuman actions” and has stressed that the Axis of Resistance is strengthening itself in the face of the “illegitimate nature” of the Jewish country.

The so-called Axis of Resistance is an informal alliance led by Tehran, deeply anti-Israel and made up of militant organizations such as Hezbollah, Houthi rebels and the Islamist movement Hamas, among other groups.

Last night, the Iranian president chaired a meeting of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran in which they were taken”timely decisions” about the responses to the attack, of which no details have been given.

He also blames the US

In the attack that destroyed the Iranian consulate building in Damascus this Monday, seven members of the Revolutionary Guard were killed, including the head of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, Brigadier General Mohamed Reza Zahedi, and his second, Brigadier General Mohamed Hadi Haj Rahimi.

Its about bloodiest attack against Iranian military in Syria so far in 2024, where to date eight people had been killed by Israeli bombings, including two generals of the Revolutionary Guard.

Iran has sent a message to the United States, through the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, in which holds him responsible, as Israel’s main ally, of the attack against its diplomatic headquarters. “In this call (with the Swiss ambassador) the dimensions of the terrorist attack and the crime of the Israeli regime were explained, and the responsibility of the American government was emphasized,” said the Iranian diplomat on the social network X.

An important message was sent to the US government as an ally of the Zionist regime. “The United States must respond.”Abdolahian insisted. Iran has been a key ally of Damascus in the war in Syria, where Tehran has sent soldiers and military advisers, as well as providing economic and political support to its main ally in the Middle East.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Israel are bitter enemies, they pose a mutual existential threat, compete for regional hegemony and maintain a covert war with cyberattacks, assassinations and sabotage.