President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump lived up to expectations in the Michigan primaries who celebrated their respective matches and managed to proclaim themselves winners, but were unable to remove their rivals from the game board.

So, Trump will have to continue confronting Nikki Haleyformer governor of South Carolina, who will not abandon the race for now, despite the fact that today she only obtained 28.5% of the votes with 22% counted, compared to 66.6% for the former president.

Meanwhile, today it has been confirmed that Biden, despite being the only Democratic candidate with real chances, will have a rival in the presidential race who could considerably complicate his re-election: the voter dissatisfied with the US role in the Gaza war. .

With 22% counted, Biden obtained 79.7% of support while 14.6% checked the “uncommitted” box (uncommitted delegates, the equivalent of a blank vote), following a campaign that encouraged this to show rejection of the US role in the Gaza war.

Gaza, the main obstacle for Biden

And the main key to this election was that, to measure how Gaza conflict may weaken Biden facing the November general elections.

Two organizations representing the Arab and Muslim vote and the most progressive Democrats, Listen to Michigan and Our Revolution, respectively, requested that the ‘uncommitted’ box be checked in protest of the support that the US is providing to Israel in its military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The goal of the protest movement was for at least 10% of the votes cast in the Democratic primary to be blank, in a attempt to get the Biden Administration to change course in its policy towards the Middle East and demand an immediate and unconditional ceasefire from Israel.

And, although with the count incomplete, it seems that they have achieved their objective in a key state for the presidential elections since it is one of those known as hinge states, those that by the narrow margin can lean on both the Democratic and Republican sides.

In the 2020 elections, Michigan, which has counties with a large Arab population, was key to Biden’s victory.

The state determines 117 delegates for the Democratic convention and the “uncommitted” vote, although it cannot derail the nomination of the current president, can serve to air the discontent of young voters and areas with a large percentage of Arab and Muslim populations during the party convention, which will be held in August, and at which Biden will be officially named.

Along with Biden, Democrats could also elect the congressman today Dean Phillips, who received only 2.8% of the vote.

Haley continues, ready for ‘Super Tuesday’

Despite Haley’s new defeat, the former governor of South Carolina stated in an interview with CNN, minutes after the polls closed, that does not withdraw from the race for the Republican Party nomination and that he will “absolutely” participate in ‘Super Tuesday’, since he has “a country to save.”

In numerical terms Today’s primaries have little representation for Republicans. And since the date of the state’s primary elections violates the rules of the Republican party, to avoid a sanction, only 16 of the 55 delegates will be awarded according to this Tuesday’s results.

The remaining delegates will be assigned at the party’s state convention on March 2, one more peculiarity of the complex and lengthy primary calendar in the United States.

The former governor of South Carolina, who also lost last weekend in her own state’s primary, is Trump’s only remaining rival.

It therefore arrives with few possibilities to the ‘Super Tuesday’ next day 5a day in which fifteen states are called to vote, including Texas and California.

With the results from Michigan still to be added, Trump has 110 delegates of the 1,215 he needs to add to be mathematically named the Republican candidate, something that will happen at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, which will be held from July 15 to 18. Haley is only 20.

Everything seems to indicate that nothing can stop the former ruler, not even all the pending cases he has with the justice system, including four criminal trials for crimes such as the attempt to invalidate the elections, bribery, the retention of classified documents or his relationship. with the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.