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They impersonate Biden, Trump and Duda.  “The future of democracy hangs in the balance”

They impersonate Biden, Trump and Duda. “The future of democracy hangs in the balance”

Deepfake technology may have a huge impact on the results of upcoming elections in countries such as the USA and Poland. Fake films featuring politicians have been circulating on the Internet for a long time. And there will be more. “The future of democracy hangs in the balance,” experts warn.

In the next two years alone, almost 3 billion people will go to the polls. This is according to a report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF),

Easy-to-use interfaces that no longer require niche skills and large-scale artificial intelligence (AI) models have led to an explosion of fake news and so-called ‘synthetic’ content – from sophisticated voice cloning to fake websites

– emphasizes the WEF in its report.

This threat is also drawn to the latest report by Check Point Research, which specializes in cybersecurity. As experts point out, as countries around the world prepare for elections, the world is facing new and unprecedented risks that “go beyond simple technological misuse.”

Research conducted by Check Point Research reveals a sharp increase in the availability of deepfake services on the dark web and on Telegram. This phenomenon is not the work of the so-called ‘lone wolves’, but the coordinated action of a network of fraudsters and hackers who leave no digital traces and operate with impunity behind their screens. Their actions create a complex web of disinformation and manipulation that significantly complicates efforts to protect election integrity and maintain public trust in the democratic process.

– experts explain.

Deepfake on request. You can buy movies for pennies online

What is deepfake? In short, it is a technology that allows you to create very realistic, but completely fabricated films, photos or audio recordings. It is a powerful tool for those who want to manipulate opinion or destroy the credibility of politicians.

The simplicity of accessing and using these services underscores the growing threat not only to electoral integrity and transparency, but also to the fundamental trust on which democratic institutions are built.

– explains Check Point Research.

The analysis conducted by the company’s experts shows that there are over 3,000 repositories related to deepfake technology on platforms such as GitHub, which indicates a wide potential for the development and distribution of this technology.

There are at least several hundred groups on the Telegram application that specialize in creating deepfake content. The price for generating such a video can range from two to even several hundred dollars – the more we pay, the (probably) more credible the final effect will be.

Behind the screens there is an underground network of actors using these technologies not only as tools, but as weapons in a comprehensive strategy to undermine the integrity of democracy. This mysterious mechanism, arranged with a few clicks, manipulates public opinion with terrifying effectiveness… at the same time, its perpetrators remain anonymous and leave virtually no digital traces

– warn experts from Check Point Research.

There are already many examples of less successful deepfake campaigns. . Numerous residents of this region received calls from “President Joe Biden”, who allegedly advised them not to vote in the primaries taking place there. The caller was, of course, not the American leader, but a bot imitating his voice.

Attackers (bad actors – editor’s note) use voices generated by artificial intelligence in automated calls to extort vulnerable family members, imitate celebrities and mislead voters. We are alerting you to the scams behind these robocalls

– said the Federal Communications Commission, which introduced a complete ban on automated voice calls generated by artificial intelligence in connection with this incident.

Fake films and recordings featuring politicians also appear in Poland. In January this year an AI-generated recording circulated on the Internet,

Although in most cases it is still relatively easy to distinguish a fake recording from a real one, experts point out that deepfake technology is developing at a breakneck pace.

The emergence of deepfake technology as a tool for election interference highlights a critical moment for democracies around the world. As the 2024 elections approach in many countries around the world, in Asia, Europe and the US, the need to remain vigilant and proactive has never been more urgent

– warn cybersecurity specialists from Check Point Research.

Source: Gazeta

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