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NATO has no plans to send military to Ukraine

NATO has no plans to send military to Ukraine

The NATO has no plans to send combat troops to Ukraine to fight the war against RussiaAllied sources told EFE this Tuesday in reference to the possibility alluded to by the French president. Emmanuel Macronand other leaders.

“NATO and its allies are providing unprecedented military support to Ukraine. We have done this since 2014 and intensified it after the large-scale invasion of Russia. But there are no plans for NATO combat troops on the ground in Ukraine,” sthey pointed out the sources.

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine to avoid a Moscow victory at all costs.

“We must remember what this is: a war of aggression by Russia against Ukraine, flagrantly violating international law,” the sources emphasized.

They insisted that, according to international law, “Ukraine has the right to self-defense and we have the right to support them.”

“That is what the Allies of the NATO are doing and will continue to do”, they concluded.

Macron spoke about the possibility of sending soldiers to Ukraine on the occasion of a meeting in Paris on Monday of about twenty leaders to address the situation in that country and make clear their support.

It was the Slovak Prime Minister, the populist Robert Fico, who put the measure of sending troops on the table and, although it did not receive majority support, it became the great novelty of the meeting, because, as Macron summarized, “Everything must be done so that Russia does not win this war.”

In any case, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, stressed this Tuesday that the possibility of sending European or NATO soldiers to fight in Ukraine.

“What we had agreed together and between us will also remain in force in the future, that there are no ground forces, that there are no soldiers on Ukrainian soil that have been sent by European or NATO states,” he claimed.

Hungary has also confirmed that it will not send soldiers to Ukraine and will maintain its position of not delivering weapons to the country attacked by Russia.

The Kremlin on Tuesday called a direct conflict with NATO “inevitable” if the allied countries deploy troops in Ukraine.

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