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Apple accused of poor quality iPhone cases

Apple accused of poor quality iPhone cases

Apple has denied claims from iPhone users about the low quality of cases

Apple has responded to criticism of iPhone cases made from recycled materials. About this in my X said columnist for The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Joanna Stern.

According to the journalist, in September she purchased a FineWoven case, which is made from environmentally friendly materials. Stern showed that over the course of several months, the official iPhone accessory had deteriorated: “Flacking edges, scratches and discoloration like a rotten banana.”

In response to a request from Joanna Stern, who accused the IT giant of the poor quality of the cases, Apple noted that all products meet the company’s high standards. The corporation also denied reports about the short service life of the case, emphasizing that it will protect the smartphone for many years.

Stern’s X followers supported the author. “This cover has also started to peel off! Although I bought it in October,” noticed user under the nickname Calum. “Magnet for microbes” – described original Apple case user Nikita Likhachev.

FineWoven, unlike leather cases, is made from recycled materials. Apple said it created FineWoven accessories for the sake of the environment.

Previously, Omdia specialists said that the cost of all components of Apple Vision Pro is about 1.5 thousand dollars. AR glasses are available at retail for $3,499.

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