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NATO warns the US that a defeat of Ukraine would make the world more insecure

NATO warns the US that a defeat of Ukraine would make the world more insecure

The secretary general of the NATOJens Stoltenberg, notified this Monday the Congress of USAwhere Republicans have blocked new funding for Ukrainethat a victory of Russia in war it would make the world more insecure.

“I am convinced that all NATO allies, including the United States, will continue to provide support to Ukraine because doing so is in our own security”Stoltenberg declared at a press conference in Washington with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

The Norwegian politician stressed that a victory for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would mean “a tragedy for Ukraine, but it would also make the world more insecure” for all members of the Atlantic Alliance.

According to Stoltenberg, the defeat of kyiv “would embolden other authoritarian leaders to use force,” among which he cited those from North Korea, Iran and China.

“Today is Ukraine. Tomorrow it could be Taiwan. Therefore, we are interested in Ukraine being a sovereign and independent nation and the support we give it makes a difference,” said.

Blinken also spoke out on the matter, recalling that the US Government has run out of funds for Ukraine and that this is already being noticed on the battlefield.

Therefore, consider “absolutely vital and necessary” for Congress to approve the $61 billion arms package for Ukraine that United States President Joe Biden requested at the end of last year.

The Secretary of State also stressed that European countries are also sending new packages to Ukraine and that together they already add up to more money than what Washington has provided.

“It is very important, it is essential that we fulfill our commitments”, he stressed. Almost two years after the start of the Russian invasion, the United States is the largest arms donor to Ukraine, with more than $44.2 billion.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives; However, he is wary of continuing to finance a Ukrainian counteroffensive that has not produced the expected results.

In addition, the funds for Ukraine that are pending approval are part of a budget package that also includes an item for immigration policy on the border, which the most radical Republicans want to block until the presidential elections in November.

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