We scrutinize the open sources of information available on the Al-Ahli hospital massacre. At least one projectile was captured flying over Gaza a few minutes before, but it was not very big and burst halfway through its trajectory. Two explosions followed and the hospital engulfed in flames. It was around 7:00 p.m. local time. Yes, we can confirm that the gruesome images of the patio and parking lot engulfed in fire correspond to those facilities.

Would that be the failed rocket that according to IsraelWas it thrown from the attached cemetery? Well, according to the experts, analyzing the videos, the path doesn’t make sense. Additionally, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a press conference They pointed out another origin of the shot. They can’t be both.

“The crater is not consistent with an air attack, with a bombardment”

Yes it would be true that the craterin the middle of the enclosure and the Damage is too small for the Israeli arsenal, that usually devastates entire blocks. It would be crucial now remains of the rocket or missile, but no independent media has seen a single splinter. The ‘BBC‘It has been verified that the Palestinian Police excavated the crater, but nothing is known about what they found.

Straight up false would be the other great ‘proof of charge’ provided by Israela conversation allegedly spied on by Hamas militants:

– “They are telling us that (the rocket) was from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad

– “What was ours?”

-“It seems…”

– “That?!”

– “They shot him from the cemetery behind the hospital, he twisted and fell on them”

Independent Arab experts point out that accent, tone, syntax, and expressions they don’t fit. A absurd falsification, they come to point. Episode of a war, analysts say, with more misinformation than ever.