The bombings in Gaza They do not stop and have already left more than 3,800 Palestinians dead, including the founder of the women’s branch of Hamas. The Israeli Army killed this Thursday Yamila Abdullah Taha al Shanti, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Palestinian Parliament, and founder of the female branch of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas, in a new bombing carried out against the Gaza Strip.

“The Legislative Council regrets the death of deputy Yamila al Shanti, who has been murdered today at dawn by occupation bombings in the Gaza Strip“says a statement shared by the Palestinian newspaper ‘Filastin’, linked to the armed group, through its Telegram channel.

The parliamentarian, 68 years old, is the widow of Abdelaziz al Rantisico-founder of the Palestinian Islamist group with Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and died in April 2004 in an air attack carried out by the Israeli Army against the house of his brother Ayad, who also died, in Gaza City.

Al Shanti was the woman who ran for a higher positionthe third, in the Change and Reform listsmade up mainly of members of Hamas, to the elections held in 2006, in which the Islamist movement won, although the group’s victory led to Israel and the United States deciding to reject the results and maintain contacts with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority and member of Fatah.

Although the leader of Hamas’s political wing, Ismail Haniye, formed a government months later, Israel’s operations against Gaza in response to the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and intra-Palestinian tensions led to some clashes that ended with Hamas in charge of the Strip since 2007while Al Fatah directs policies in the West Bank.

Therefore, the activities of the Palestinian Legislative Council were suspended in 2007 and they remain that way today, given that no elections have been held since then, partly because of differences between the groups and also because of Israel’s refusal to allow voting in East Jerusalem on the last occasion in which They were going to have gone ahead in 2022.