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Police pull a man out of his car by the hair after he told them he was a paraplegic

The images captured by the camera integrated into the uniform of one of the policemen who participated in this arrest they are chilling. The controversial arrest has occurred in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

In these images, shared by the city government itself, it is seen how several policemen stop the car of an african american man and they insist that you get out of the vehicle. They want to search your vehicle for drugs. He explains to them that he cannot go out, because he is a paraplegic, and the police warn him that he will either drink or they will drag him out of the vehicle.

Then the agents decide to take him out with violence, grabbing his hair and arms and dragging him along the ground. Once the man remains lying on the asphalt, the police officers immobilize him completely and take him into custody, dragging him again.

The driver in question is Clifford Owensband 39 years old. Insistently, he explained to the police officers why he could not leave the vehicle, and even warned them: “I’m a paraplegic man, you can hurt me! “, as heard in the video.

Once he was removed from the vehicle, Owensby did not stop scream for help who might be found on the street, considering that the agents were exerting excessive force in their situation.

The controversial image has reopened the racial debate. The mayor of the town, Nan Ehaley, has declared to the media that she is “concerned” by these images and assures that the facts are already under investigation.

The suspect was fined for traveling with a minor without a seat belt and for wearing the tinted windows. He has also been accused of resistance to authority.

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