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Dollar in Peru: greenback lost for the second day in a row and closed at S / 4,073

The dollar closed this Monday, October 11 at S / 4.0730, after starting the day at S / 4.0823, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). During the day, the monetary entity did not intervene, except with exchange rate swaps and interest rates.

In this way, the green ticket it had a fall of 0.51% compared to the close of Thursday, when it stood at S / 4.0940. Thus, the foreign currency managed to get out of the barrier of S / 4.10, where it had been since September 10.

For its part, the greenback is traded in the main banks of the country in S / 4.08 the purchase and S / 4.097 the sale. The exchange houses and ordinary money changers, meanwhile, offer the currency at S / 4.06 for the purchase and S / 4.10 for the sale.

This second consecutive decline in the dollar occurs after the appointment of Mirtha Vásquez as the new head of the ministerial cabinet, on October 6. In addition to the ratification of the president of the BCRP, Julio Velarde, two days later.

Internationally, the greenback rose to its highest level in nearly three years as investors were confident that the US Federal Reserve will announce a reduction in its massive bond purchase next month despite payroll figures. softer Americans.

Traders shrugged off Friday’s jobs report, boosting US bond yields.

Overall, the dollar index was up 0.054% to 94.215, not far from its one-year high of 94.504 reached earlier this month.


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