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FSB considers smart glasses from Facebook a spy gadget

The FSB of Russia considered that the first smart glasses from Facebook could be considered devices for secretly obtaining information. Reported by TJ.

The publication received a response to a corresponding request to the special service about the legality of using the gadget in the country. At the same time, the press service of the FSB did not specify which design features make it possible to classify the gadget as a spy device.

Facebook’s Stories smart glasses, co-created with Ray-Ban, were unveiled on September 9th. The device allows you to shoot video from two cameras. An ongoing recording is signaled by a lit LED.

On September 14, the Chinese corporation Xiaomi also showed its first smart glasses Smart Glasses. The device has a classic form factor, glasses are able to display information on built-in screens. Also, using the gadget, you can receive calls, read messages, take photos and videos. In addition, the device has an automatic translator function. Earlier, insiders reported that Apple is working on smart glasses. As it became known to sources, the full operation of the device will be carried out only when connected to the iPhone.

In 2018, President Vladimir Putin ordered to solve the problem of customs control in relation to the turnover of tracking devices. This was done after a question at a press conference about the criminal prosecution of a farmer from the Kurgan region, Yevgeny Vasiliev. The Russian was accused of using “spy” equipment – a GPS tracker bought on AliExpress and attached to a cow. After the Prosecutor General’s Office withdrew his case from the court.

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