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Biden doubts that China could invade Taiwan amid its economic problems

Biden doubts that China could invade Taiwan amid its economic problems

The president of USA, Joe Bidensaid Sunday that he had held his highest-level talks with Chinese leaders in months, and that China’s economic difficulties Beijing they would not lead him to invade Taiwan.

Biden said he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s number two, Chinese Premier Li Qiang, at the annual G20 summit in New Delhi.

The talks were the highest-level meeting between the two powers in nearly 10 months, since Biden and Xi spoke at last year’s G20 in Indonesia.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang, who took over as the country’s number two in March, attended the meeting of world leaders in Xi’s place. They were not scheduled to hold talks at the G20, but unplanned meetings at summits are common.

“My team, my staff, continues to meet with President Xi’s people and his cabinet,” Biden told reporters. “Today I met with his number two in India.

“We talk about stability” and the southern hemisphere. “It wasn’t a confrontation at all.”he added.

The two superpowers have been trying to thaw relations this year, following an altercation over an alleged Chinese spy balloon that flew over US territory, while fears of an economic slowdown have gripped Beijing.

At a press conference in Vietnam, Biden highlighted the US economy as the “stronger” world and told reporters that China’s growth was slowing due to the weakness of the global economy as well as Chinese policies, but did not specify which ones.

Biden described China’s economic situation as “crisis”citing problems in the real estate sector and high youth unemployment.

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