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Jeff Bezos: Those who are thinking of buying a television, a refrigerator, a new car… better save the money until we see what happens

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The American Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos He is one of the richest men in the world and founder of Amazon, so one would think that he would encourage the population to make massive purchases during these times, surely to increase the numbers in his business, but this is not the case. He is even asking to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Bezos advised consumers and businesses to postpone big purchases in the coming months. This because of The world economy is facing a slowdown and a possible recession.

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In an interview the chain CNN, the billionaire urged the population to postpone purchases of high-value items, such as new cars, televisions and appliances. He pointed out that delaying these types of transactions is the surest way to be prepared in the event of a prolonged economic downturn.

Those who are thinking of buying a television, a refrigerator, a new car… better calm down and save the money until we see what happens. You have to reduce risks, ”she said.

But also, in his opinion, the small businesses should also avoid spending big of capital during this period of uncertainty. “Take some risks off the table,” Bezos said. “Keep some dry powder handy… Just a little bit of risk reduction could make all the difference for that small business, if we get into even bigger financial trouble. You have to play the odds a bit.”

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Likewise, the businessman, who plans to give away most of his $120 billion estate during his lifetime, has argued that the likelihood of worsening economic conditions makes it prudent to save some cash if you can.

Just a Little Risk Reduction Could Make a Difference”, assured the executive president of Amazon.

The United States enters a “technical recession”: why it is dangerous and how it can affect Latin America

Is a recession inevitable? What 4 economists think

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy will slow down more than expected in 2023a year in which much of the world will face recession or end up falling into it.

In its global economic outlook report published last October, the IMF maintained its global growth forecast for 2022 at 3.2%, but warned that risks that have already slowed global economic developments will persist and may worsen them.

According to the entity, at least a third of world economies will enter a technical recession next year, that is, they will have at least two consecutive quarters of contraction in their gross domestic product (GDP).

And calculate that there is a 25% chance that the situation will get worse and next year’s global growth will not even reach 2%, a situation that, with the exception of the first year of the pandemic, has not occurred since 2001.

All of this at a time marked by extremely high inflation worldwide, which could cause major problems if it is not stopped in time. Hence the Fund encourages central banks to continue tightening their monetary policy, even if this leads to a inevitable economic slowdown. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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