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There will be a new “light bulb campaign”. This time Putin is guilty. On billboards all over Poland

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The Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) has announced a nationwide campaign called “We are fighting for Polish independence” [oryginalnie, w komunikacie PKEE wszystkie człony nazwy kampanii są pisane wielkimi literami: “Walczymy o Polską Niezależność”]. It is to inform, inter alia, that Russia is using it as a weapon against Poland and Europe and that Putin is to blame for the high energy prices in Poland.

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You can read more information from Poland on the home page

“Russian disinformation uses high energy prices to sow uncertainty and fear”

“Both Poland and the whole wave of false information about the energy industry” – PKEE writes on its website, but does not provide any examples. “Russian disinformation uses the high energy prices caused by Putin’s war and the Kremlin’s aggressive energy policy to sow uncertainty and fear. The goal of Russian propaganda is simple – destabilizing Poland and its allies in and NATO.”

– Our response to the Kremlin’s propaganda is substantive knowledge about energy, about the reasons for the increase in prices and about what not only the Polish government is doing, but also the energy sector to protect Poles against high electricity prices – said Wojciech Dąbrowski, president of the PKEE management board and president of Polska Grupa Energetyczna, quoted in the announcement.

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The most striking element of the latest PKEE campaign will be billboards that will appear all over Poland. They will depict an energy pole that casts a shadow in the form of a machine gun, which is to show that Russia is using electricity and the energy crisis as a weapon against Poland and Europe. The graphic also shows the great face of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the headline: “High energy prices are also his weapons.”

A new “light bulb campaign” is coming

Behind the latest campaign, which blames Putin for energy prices in Poland, is the Polish Electricity Association, i.e. the association of the electricity sector established in 1997. It includes companies that previously financed the so-called bulb campaign. Let us recall that the campaign that started at the beginning of 2022 was commissioned by the Polish Power Plants Economic Society, namely five of its members. These are companies of state-owned energy producers: Tauron Wytwarzanie, Enea Wytwarzanie, Enea Połaniec, PGE GiEK and PGNiG Termika. The “light bulb campaign”, in which the European Union was accused of high energy prices, cost PLN 12 million.

You can read more about the controversy surrounding the “bulb campaign” in the following article:

Source: Gazeta

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