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Twitter is sued for failing to pay its former PR firm

Twitter is sued for failing to pay its former PR firm

A former public relations company from Twitter sued the company social networks on Friday, saying he hasn’t paid his bills since buying Elon Musk for US$44 billion.

Joele Frank said that Twitter owes $830,498which comprise six unpaid billsplus the costs of a subpoena in the Twitter lawsuit to force to Musk to complete the purchase after he tried to back out.

The public relations firm said that Twitter terminated its contract on November 16, three weeks after the purchase closed, and you no longer communicate about your payment request beyond an automated response from “Start processing it right away.”

Twitter, also known as X Corp, no longer has a media relations office and responded to a request for comment on the lawsuit with a poop emoji. An attorney for Musk copying that request did not immediately respond to it.

Joele Frank started working for Twitter in January 2015, according to his lawsuit in New York state court in Manhattan.

Many owners, vendors and consultants have sued Twitter over unpaid invoices that Musk inherited when he bought the company. before he applied deep spending cuts.

Musk has said that Twitter could generate positive cash flow as soon as this quarter.despite declining advertising revenue.

The second richest person in the world, who also runs the electric car company Tesla Inc, has estimated that Twitter has lost more than half its value since it was bought, according to published reports.

Source: Reuters


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