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She injected Botox into her forehead.  Didn’t expect such an effect.  “I thought it was a filter”

She injected Botox into her forehead. Didn’t expect such an effect. “I thought it was a filter”

Quenlin Blackwell decided to have Botox injections in her forehead. Tiktokerka in one of the recordings showed effects that she did not expect. The video has already been viewed over 463,000 times. times and there is no shortage of comments from Internet users.

Quenlin Blackwell, also known in the network as “Queen Blackwell”, some time ago published a video in which she showed the effects of Botox injections in the forehead. The result surprised her to say the least. There were many comments of shocked Internet users under the video.

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She tried Botox. She did not expect such an effect.

The injection procedure in the forehead is aimed at blocking the receptors in the muscles, thanks to which they stop working for some time. Such a blockade prevents the formation of wrinkles in this area and is also intended to smooth out those that already exist. However, sometimes there may be effects that cannot be predicted. That’s what happened to Quenlin Blackwell.

“I have Botox on my forehead and I think something’s happened,” the tiktoker said in the video before bursting out laughing. She drew the attention of followers to the fact that her eyebrows now resemble the “Nike logo”, i.e. a distinctive hook. In other recordings, the woman confessed that the effects of Botox will last up to 3-4 months and intends to wait this period without taking any additional measures on her face.

Internet users commented on Blackwell’s appearance. Some people can’t help but laugh

Quenlin Blackwell’s video has been viewed over 463,000 times. times. They were also liked by over 126,000 people. people. Internet users left many comments under the video in which they commented on the unusual effect of the treatment that the tiktoker had undergone. Some found it somewhat amusing, while others seemed worried.

Girl, please tell me you’re joking.

they dance.

I thought it was a filter.

Therefore, I will not do unnecessary operations or injections to change the face or the rest of the body.

Same thing happened to me.

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