Recklessness has a high price. A child was about to die when it fell from his car into the “swollen river” – flood – into which a street had turned, which his mother tried to cross without noticing the great danger.

The event was recorded, which has unleashed a wave of critical remarks towards the woman, whom they have not measured themselves to insult and refer to with harsh qualifications.

It happened in Murcia, Spain, on the afternoon of Thursday, May 25, 2023, and the episode had an unexpectedly happy ending thanks to a ‘hero’ gesture.

The water knocked over the car

The woman who turned on social networks came out with the child’s car, you can see that it was raining very hard and as soon as she set foot on the street of a swamp, the car overturns and the little one falls into the muddy water.

Fortunately, a man jumps into the “river” and, like a saving angel, prevents the force of the water from dragging the child away.

But the woman does not stop causing outrage: in addition to not giving up the idea of ​​endangering the child’s life, so as not to carry the baby when they rescue him from the raging water, she runs down the street – river – below.

Opinions are divided: “The woman runs in search of what appears to be her mobile,” they say on Antena 3; However, in networks, they think they are chasing a shoe.

Heavy rain and hail

Murcia is currently experiencing the ravages of a climate phenomenon known as DANA in Spain.

This, by its acronym, is a high-level isolated depression and, as Mundo Deportivo refers to, is popularly known as “the cold drop”.

The transition of this phenomenon is also felt in Andalusia and the Valencian Community, adds Antena 3, adding that “they will suffer the consequences of the storm, which will manifest itself in the form of torrential rain and hail.”

the networks burn

The scene has outraged thousands of people. Those who watch the impressive video are left open-mouthed when the woman goes behind the mobile phone … or a shoe.

Fortunately, in the town of Molina de Segura, in Murcia, the child had an angel to whom network users sent their blessings.

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For example, in networks of El Mundo they express:

“Mother of the Year Award,” says Michael V.

“What an intelligence of the woman, she was very lucky because the child could have been carried away by the river, lucky of the neighbor,” says Ada García.

Elisa Márquez asks, “They should remove custody of this woman. It’s clear she’s not qualified.”

Looking for a bit of reflection, Preci Fernández believes: “The lady is clearly blocked. (…) What remains is super quiet, because none of you who commented would get it wrong. Your children will survive at least a few years. Of course I don’t know how understanding or empathetic they will be in their lives.