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Venezuela faces “serious problems” in gas supply, says Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela faces “serious problems” in gas supply, says Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela faces “serious problems” in the supply of gas, the president said this Friday Nicolas Madurowho ordered the Minister of Oil and president of the state oil company PDVSA, Rafael Tellechea, to solve, in the next three months, the failures in this service, which mainly affect seven of the 23 states of the country.

“We still have serious problems (with the gas issue) (…) The state most affected by the lack of service (…), Yaracuy”, said the Head of State during an act on the occasion of the first anniversary of a program created to deal with complaints from the population, broadcast by the state channel VTV.

In addition to Yaracuyin the west of the country, the states Tachira, Carabobo, Barinas, Aragua, Bolívar and Trujillo They also suffer failures in the gas supply, according to a report read by the president, who pointed out that 15 municipalities are registered “highly affected”.

Faced with this situation, he urged the Minister of Petroleum to seek, together with the teams from the gas production and distribution areas, a solution to this problem, a task to which he asked to give “high priority”.

“I give you three months to address this critical situation in these states and give a positive response to the people of Venezuela. Three months have 90 days”Maduro said.

Protests over failures in public services have continued in the country, some of them related to the “waiting times for the delivery of cylinders” and the “unequal distribution of domestic gas cylinders,” according to the Social Conflict Observatory (OVCS), which documented 26 demonstrations in the first four months of the year for these problems.

Recently, Maduro assured that Venezuela “It has certified the eighth gas reserve in the world” and that, furthermore, “It could be certifying the third or fourth today.”

Last Wednesday, he reiterated his invitation to international energy businessmen to invest in the Caribbean country to supply gas to all of Europe.

Earlier this month, the Venezuelan government signed a permit for the export of liquids from natural gas of Cardon IVa joint venture between Spain’s Repsol and Italy’s Eni.

(With information from EFE)

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