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This is the history of tragedies that mining exploitation in Coahuila hides: Work continues to rescue the 10 trapped workers

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With the recent incident in Coahuila where at least 10 miners are at risk of losing their lives in a mine, the Mexican state has a long history of tragedies in the activity that is essential for the region, since it is the pillar of the industry, Infobae wrote.

Since colonial times, when they founded the Trinidad Mines in 1577, Coahuila has been the main mining state in Mexico. But, just as it produces minerals, there are also tragedies in the industry that leave the region in a bad light, which does not seem to implement new measures to protect miners.

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Ten miners are trapped in a well in Coahuila

Three wells were flooded this Wednesday, August 3 at 1:35 in the afternoon, leaving 10 workers trapped and it is unknown if they are still alive or not, but the rescue work does not stop.

The event occurred in the community of La Agujita, in the municipality of Sabinas. After the accident was reported, the National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) reported that three of the miners were rescued alive and taken to the local IMSS Hospital.

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However, the rest of the workers without faith in life are still trapped and at least 260 rescuers are on site working 24 hours a day to find the miners.

Collapse at the Pasta de Conchos mine (2006)

This tragedy that is still moving Coahuilenses ended with the departure of 65 workers in February 2006, after an accumulation of gas in the Pasta de Conchos mine 8 caused an explosion that caused a collapse.

Of the 65 miners, 63 are still underground, since rescue work was suspended in April 2007 and to this day the bodies of the miners remain buried. The only two bodies that were rescued were in June 2006 and January 2007.

On February 16, 2022, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) resumed operations to recover the bodies to deliver them to their families.

In 2017: Explosion in La Encantada and collapse in VII del Progreso

According to records, 2017 was one of the years with the most tragedies in mining. On October 1, a scoop machine caught fire and caused the fire to spread in the La Encantada mine, Ocampo municipality. Four workers died from carbon monoxide inhalation and two more had to be rushed to the emergency room.

Then, on October 18, at mine VII in the municipality of Progreso there was a collapse and two men who worked as an operator and assistant were buried. One hundred people tried to rescue them, but they were unsuccessful and the miners died.

Flooding at the Micarán mine and landslide at La Pasión (2021)

Seven miners were trapped and drowned on June 4, 2021 due to the pressure of water accumulated in the area that flooded the underground tunnels of the Micarán mine in the Múzquiz municipality. On June 10, six days later, rescuers removed the last body.

It was another tragic year for mining in Coahuila. A month and a half after the tragedy in Micarán, on July 19, two workers died and one was seriously injured at the La Pasión mine, in the municipality of Ocampo, due to a rockfall.

On the other hand, incidents in Coahuila mines are frequent. Between 2011 and 2014, at least 14 other workers lost their lives due to gas explosions, fires and rock falls in mines.

However, it seems that the authorities have not been alerted and to date there is no clear action plan to reduce the incidence of these accidents and, in this way, protect the lives of workers in the industry where the Mexican state is a national leader. (YO)

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Source: Eluniverso

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