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Traffic and lack of trees can raise the temperature more than 12 degrees

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The places with less trees and more traffic of cities, such as roundabouts, can suffer temperatures of up to 12 degrees Celsius more than in the areas of the cities with more vegetation cover, says the co-founder and director of impact of “Climate Trade”, Jose Lindo.

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It is, he explains, data from the “Green Urban Data” application, which uses information from satellites to analyze the correlation between vegetation and climate in cities.

He explains it in a forum in the EFEverde.com blogosphere of the EFE Agency in which he points out that heat waves “can -and should- be mitigated.”

What is happening, he continues, is a tragedy with up to 40 degrees in London, the highest temperature in the United Kingdom, 39 and 45 degrees in Spain and devastating fires in several European countries.

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For this reason, it considers mitigation to be key with actions to green cities, measures in the agricultural sector against monocultures that eliminate trees and plants that balance the local climate, in addition to opting for more sustainable means of production such as regenerative agriculture.

We must, defends Lindo, “stop replacing vegetation with cement and plant more trees in cities.”

“Protecting our remaining forests is a global urgency. It will not only help us balance the local climate, but also slow global warming and reduce damage from human activity,” he adds.

In this sense, it is essential that the efforts to decarbonise the economy are aligned with the objectives of reforestation, which is key to mitigating heat waves and reducing their frequency.

Source: Gestion

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