The president of United States, Joe Bidenhas approved this Sunday the official declaration of disaster in the state of Mississippi after the sweeping passage of a tornado through several counties that has left at least 25 dead (plus one in Alabama) and extensive property damage.

The declaration will make it easier for federal funds to reach the four hardest-hit counties: Carroll, Humphreys, Monroe, and Sharkeyas reported by the White House.

As state rescue services continue to search for possible trapped people and assess damage, the Midwest is bracing for new “superstorms” this Sunday.

Specifically, the authorities have issued a level of alert 3 (on a scale of 5) in various parts of eastern Louisiana, south-central Mississippi and south-central Alabama for hail, high winds and tornadoes, according to a statement from the Storm Prediction Center.

These “superstorms” will arrive in the next few hours to Alabama to later move east, in the direction of the Carolinas, according to the center’s note, collected by CNN.