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Skier Ustyugov won the marathon at the Russian Championship

Skier Ustyugov won the marathon at the Russian Championship

Skier Sergei Ustyugov won the classic style marathon at the Russian Championship

Russian skier Sergei Ustyugov won the 50 km mass start in the classical style at the Russian Championships in Tyumen. The results of the marathon are available on the website of the Russian Ski Racing Federation.

The athlete representing the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug covered the distance in two hours 14 minutes and 16.3 seconds. Aleksey Chervotkin from Moscow is in second place, one minute and 21.5 seconds back. The third place was taken by the representative of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Bolshunov with a backlog of two minutes 42.2 seconds.

After the victory in the commentary to the “Championship” Ustyugov said that for the first time he won the marathon at official competitions. “Now I’m really emotionally, physically and psychologically devastated, now I need to recover well, because I haven’t had such dizziness for a long time,” he said.

Ustyugov is the Olympic champion of the Games in Beijing in the relay. He also has two gold, four silver and one bronze medals at the world championships.

Source: Lenta

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