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Protests in France result in 457 arrests and 441 injured officers on Thursday

Protests in France result in 457 arrests and 441 injured officers on Thursday

Protests in France result in 457 arrests and 441 injured officers on Thursday

As in the capital, the demonstrations have also degenerated into incidents in other cities of the French state, such as Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux or Lorient. Minister Darmanin has pointed to the “extreme left” as responsible for the acts of violence.

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Euskaraz irakurri: 457 atxilotu eta 441 agent zaurituak Frantzian, osteguneko protestetan

The more than 300 demonstrations convened throughout France have concentrated this Thursday to 3.5 million peopleaccording to union data, which means equaling the record of March 7, although the Government figures are more modest, just over a million, slightly lower than other days.

In many cities, apart from Paris, the demonstrations have degenerated into riots, such as Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux or Lorient, in which 457 people have been arrested and 441 agents have been injuredaccording to data offered this Friday by the French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin.

The demonstration this Thursday against the pension reform in Paris has been tarnished by harsh clashes between protesters and law enforcement. Unlike other occasions, the violent acted even before the arrival of the official head of the union demonstration, which, unrelated to the riots, proceeded normally, but along a route marked out by the ashes of small fires, cracked shop windows and demolished street furniture. and with the smoke from the tear gas used by the Police still in the environment.

Darmanin has pointed out to the “far left” as responsible for the acts of violence that have occurred outside the marches organized by the unions against the reform of the Government. “The extreme left wants to attack the Republic and a message of condemnation must be given,” stressed the minister, who acknowledged that the unions have already denounced the violence, but not all the opposition.

The unions French do not give truce in their social pulse against the pension reform of the president, Emmanuel Macron, the main recipient of criticism during the ninth day of mobilization.

The unions are committed to continuing with the pressure against a reform that delays two years, until 64, the minimum retirement age, and have called a new day of protest for the next day 28, also assuring that others will come later what threatens to entrench the situation.

The president remains firm in his position, considering that this measure is inevitable for public finances damaged by the covid crisis and the war in Ukraine.

The next few days seem decisive to elucidate the outcome of a crisis that does not seem to end with the adoption of the text by the legislature, which contravenes Macron’s plans to continue with his political agenda.

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