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The expert told how to teach a cat to respond to the name

The expert told how to teach a cat to respond to the name

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When owners give names to cats, they expect the animal to remember this appeal and respond to it. If you often talk to an animal, sooner or later it will happen by itself. And Elena Shimanovskaya, an expert of the Belnovosti publication, told how to speed up this process.

The most effective training option will be positive reinforcement in the form of your pet’s favorite treats. You need to start the lessons like this: being at home, in a territory well studied by animals, shake the package with goodies and call the cat by name. If she does not sleep and is not busy with anything, then most likely she will come to you simply out of curiosity, even if she has not yet remembered her name. As soon as the animal comes running, it must be praised and treated with a treat.

Repeating this exercise, over time, the distance between the owner and the cat must be gradually increased. For example, repeat the same thing while in another room of the house or apartment. When the cat responds, it must be treated.

If such training is carried out regularly, the cat will quickly remember exactly how it is addressed, and will come to the call already without a treat.

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