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PFN spent PLN 1.1 million on a YouTuber’s visit to Poland.  “And hospitals have to take loans from parabanks”

PFN spent PLN 1.1 million on a YouTuber’s visit to Poland. “And hospitals have to take loans from parabanks”

Youtuber Casey Neistat recorded in 2018 a report from a visit to Poland financed by the Polish National Foundation. After more than four years, as a result of a court judgment, PFN had to disclose the cost of these visits. It is over PLN 1.1 million.

Casey Neistato visited Poland in December 2018 in connection with the “100×100” project, implemented by the Polish National Foundation for the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. IT employee Kamil Świątek asked PFN about the cost of this visit. Initially, PFN did not want to share the data.

Casey Neistat recorded a report from his visit to Poland. Its cost is over PLN 1.1 million

“Dear friends! After 1567 days, two lawsuits that the PFN Foundation lost in the Supreme Administrative Court, I received a reply to my request for access to IP. The total cost of Casey’s visit to Poland in 2018 was PLN 1,173,894.96” – Świątek wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of the magazine:

“In view of the return of files by the Voivodeship Administrative Office, in response to the request, taking into account the transparency of the Foundation’s activities, as well as the fact that information on the ‘100×100’ project implemented in 2018, including cost information, was made public on the PFN website ( in the activity report, PFN indicates that the cost of Casey Neistat’s visit to Poland as part of the ‘100×100’ campaign amounted to PLN 1,173,894.96.

So far, the over eight-minute video recorded as part of the “100×100” project has been viewed 1.6 million times. The report was posted on YouTube with the title “Never Ride an ELECTRIC SCOOTER in the Rain”. “Thank you for such a wonderful visit, Poland. I can’t wait to return to Warsaw,” Neistat wrote in her description.

The Polish National Foundation spent PLN 1.1 million on the YouTuber’s visit to Poland. “And hospitals have to take loans from parabanks”

He wrote about the relationship back in 2018 in the text entitled “Casey Neistat recorded a vlog from Poland. We are sorry after watching it.” “The vlogger, watched by over 10 million users, came to the Expo XXI Center to meet Polish fans. As Casey practically does not part with the camera, yesterday another episode of his famous daily vlog appeared on the web, with material recorded during his stay in the capital. After seeing it, we would rather not book tickets for a weekend city break in Warsaw” – we read in the text of As the journalist stated, “we got a jetlag-tired vlogger who drove around the city on a scooter, recorded smog with a drone and noticed with surprise that there are no runners in Warsaw (or at least that there are no runners during the week, during working hours, on the street Świętokrzyska).

The costs of Neistat’s visit to Poland are also commented on in social media. “It was a very boring vlog from a very gray city (autumn)” – said entrepreneur and academic lecturer Wojtek Kardys.

“Do you remember when Casey Neistat promoted Poland? No? Neither did I, it was such a marginal event. This ‘promotion’ cost us all over a million zlotys spent by the PFN Foundation” – Przemysław Słowik from the Zieloni party.

“PLN 2253.16 per second of material,” he noted on Twitter. “And hospitals must take loans in parabanks” – Szymon Jadczak, referring to e, who, according to “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, took another loan in March in parabanks. The facility is indebted to approx. PLN 100 million.

Source: Gazeta

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