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The experts explained the need for regular exercise

The experts explained the need for regular exercise

Psychology instructor Karen Stait: regular training slows down brain aging

Experts in the field of psychiatry explained the need to exercise regularly. Their words leads Shape.

“Exercise increases your self-esteem, and this, in turn, pushes you to the next step, to new goals and achievements,” said psychiatrist John Ratey. He added that sport helps produce neurotransmitters that change the way people perceive themselves.

According to clinical psychology instructor Karen Stait, systematic training can slow down brain aging and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 50 percent. “Exercise is the only way to get brain cells to renew themselves,” she said.

Earlier, fitness trainer Yana Nikonenko called a way to make sports a habit. The specialist advised me to add sports to another habitual activity. “For example, you brush your teeth in the morning and after that you go to exercise for five to seven minutes,” she said.

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