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A brawl in “Kitchen Revolutions”.  The restaurateur insulted Magda Gessler.  “Are you dead?”

A brawl in “Kitchen Revolutions”. The restaurateur insulted Magda Gessler. “Are you dead?”

In “Kitchen Revolutions” it’s hot again. This time Magda Gessler came to Wrocław to find out why the “Margaret” restaurant is not popular among customers. As it turned out, the biggest challenge turned out to be the owner and his approach to business. It didn’t go without a fight.

The program, with Magda Gessler in the lead role, has been broadcast on TVN for 13 years and is very popular among viewers. This time the restaurateur went to Wrocław. What she found in the “Margaret” restaurant exceeded her wildest expectations.

“Kitchen revolutions”. Wrocław welcomed Magda Gessler

In the 4th episode of the 26th season of “Kitchen Revolutions” she went to the Wrocław restaurant “Margaret” run by Mr. Andrzej and his son, Maciej, who is the chef. The expert’s visit aroused a lot of emotions from the very beginning. After a failed dinner, during which the biggest disappointment was a dish of deer, which ultimately turned out to be pork, the host invited the owner of the restaurant to discuss plans for changing his restaurant. Then she went to the back room to see the kitchen. The chaos and filth she saw left her stunned. — Haven’t you seen “Kitchen Revolutions”? Haven’t you watched? Then why the fuck are you taking me with something like that? are you gone? The leader was clearly agitated.

A brawl in “Kitchen Revolutions”. The owner of the premises insulted Magda Gessler

Emotions reached the zenith also during the next meeting with Mr. Andrzej. She couldn’t hide her emotions. She accused the restaurateur that his priority is money and profits, not the welfare of employees and customers.—- Money counts. Andrew, cashier. C***a will be from the money, do you understand? Either you change your mind or I’m not doing anything here. For me, the basis is respect for the guest and the employee. If you don’t have it, I don’t feel like helping you, she said to the man. Despite their different opinions, they finally came to an agreement and the expert decided to help restore the good name of this place.

It is true that the stage of introducing changes went without major complications, but a brawl occurred during the preparation of the final dinner. “Please don’t show off.” In 1980, I was 12 years old. The lady had more. Maybe we’ll switch roles – the man said at one point, responding to the leader’s remarks. Gessler reacted quickly, not hiding her indignation. “It’s something unbelievable.” No man has ever insulted me by saying how old I am. Am I older or am I younger. Everyone here will testify against me. How am I supposed to stay here? How am I supposed to stay here and help you? Unfortunately, this man took care of himself,” said the host.

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