at least others 46 people have been arrested this Tuesday in Paris after registering strong clashes between demonstrators and the French Police during a demonstration in the Place de la République in the framework of the protests against the approved pension reform. These arrests would be added to the more than 170 that took place last Monday, in an unprecedented escalation of tension against the Macron government for the pension reform.

Demonstrations have also spread, in the form of impromptu marches, to the Bastille district, Rivoli and Place du Châtelet. At the end of the night, when most of the marches had ended, the protesters They set up barricades in the 11th arrondissement of Parissetting several garbage cans on fire, as reported by the newspaper ‘Le Figaró’.

According to the Parisian authorities, more than 3,000 people attended the meeting in the Place de la République, which It started in the middle of the afternoon peacefully. Subsequently, tensions have escalated and the Police have dispersed the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The protesters, who they have burned garbage cans and have thrown bottles against the agents, they have set up barricades in some parts of Paris. The protests have been repeated in other French cities, such as Nantes, Lille, Grenoble, Le Mans or Rennes, among others, as reported by TF1 Info.