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He kills his drunken partner in Russia after discovering that he had raped his daughter from a video on his mobile

A man has been arrested in a small town in Russia after he killed a friend of his for having raped his daughter. The people have turned to supporting the detainee by asking that he not face murder charges for having “protected his children.” The crime was precipitated after the detainee discovered a video on his “friend’s” mobile phone in which he was seen raping his eight-year-old daughter.

The murdered pedophile, Oleg Sviridov, 32 years old, saved videos on his mobile from the rape of several children in the village of Vintai, in the Samara region. One of these videos would be the one you found Vyacheslav M, 34, when he was drinking in the company of what he thought was his friend. At some point during their meeting, Vyacheslav found images of his daughter, now nine years old, being raped by his drunken partner.

The father immediately confronted Sviridov but his daughter’s rapist managed to escape. The pedophile was a person close to the family of Vyacheslav and had taken care of his daughter on several occasions, some of which he took advantage of to rape the little girl.

Vyacheslav went to the local police to report the events. And the agents began a manhunt for the escapee. But the angry father also began, on his own, to search for his daughter’s attacker. The search for the father was more successful than that of the police: he found him in a forest and stabbed him to death.

At first, the father of the raped young woman told the police that the pedophile had “tripped over the knife during a fight,” claiming that his intention had not been to kill him.

The body of the alleged pedophile was found near the village on Thursday, more than a week after Vyacheslav saw the abusive video. Vyacheslav was arrested after discovery of body and the case is being investigated.

Criminal cases have also been opened for the sexual abuse of three children filmed on Sviridov’s mobile. Police sources said that the deceased’s phone contained other disgusting videos thatThey showed violent rapes of other girls in the village, aged six and 11.

The videos indicated that the dead suspect had been abusing children for five years before Vyacheslav discovered the images on his phone.

Neighbors ask not to press charges

After knowing the details of the case, the inhabitants of Vintai turned to support the detainee for the murder of Sviridov and demand that he not be tried for the murder. He is not a murderer; He protected his daughter and also our children, ”said a local.

Noted TV journalist and former Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak told her followers: “All parents are defending the murderer of the pedophile.” Another commentator, Anna Plekhanova, said: “If the crime is proven by video facts, is the girl’s father wrong? Any normal father, mother or father, would have destroyed a pedophile on the spot.

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