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Biden fails in the US: only 44% of Americans approve him

The popularity of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, plummets day by day after the gaps opened by his Government with the departure of his country from Afghanistan and the mismanagement of the Covid, driven above all by the delta variant. Thus, according to a survey, only 44% of Americans pass it, going down six points since June.

The survey further reveals that the 51% of respondentss have censored the way the tenant from White House He has handled his duties during these months, which represents a jump of nine points compared to the month of June.

Biden will have to face in the coming months the repercussions of the consequences of the departure from Afghanistan with a barrage of bipartisan criticism that is still suspicious of the turbulent crisis opened by Biden regarding the evacuations from Afghanistan.

In this way and with the vast reduction in the numbers in the polls in favor of the president, the Democrats are very concerned that this data could weigh down the many measures that your Administration He is planning to execute for 2022.

President Biden on the contrary, he continues to look the other way despite the fierce criticism to his management, by ensuring that the evacuations have been successful. To support his position, he offers the evacuation data, noting that the United States has managed to get 120,000 people out of the terror of the Taliban.

From the Republican ranks and also by many Democrats they have charged against Biden by accusing him of underestimate the taliban and do not foresee that this situation could reach the Afghan government.

In detail, the approval of the Americans in the context of the crisis in Afghanistan gives it 30% -60% in the survey of ABC News/Washington Post. In this way, the vast majority of those questioned have disapproved by a margin of two to one of the way in which the president handled the withdrawal from Kabul.

Covid increase in the US

Another of the most controversial issues of the current mandate of Joe Biden is his management with the Covid pandemic. The delta variant of which he underestimated its effects on the population, has had a negative impact on the surveys. In this sense, the handling of this health crisis has affected him in the same way as with Afghanistan, by also reducing the support of his compatriots since June, by 10 points.

But the president of USA that does not exhaust his bad luck had to overcome a new controversy when he starred in an inopportune gesture when looking at his watch during the ceremony for the Marines killed in Afghanistan. His failing reputation was once again languishing with angry criticism of social reactions to an inappropriate gesture. Biden was receiving the remains of the 13 soldiers killeds in the attack on the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, which together left 170 people dead.

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