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Ecuador expects Cyclone Yaku to move towards southern Peru and lose strength

Ecuador expects Cyclone Yaku to move towards southern Peru and lose strength

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi) of Ecuador predicted that the Cyclone Yakuso called in Peruwill move away in the next few days from the Ecuadorian coasts towards the south of the neighboring country, while it will gradually lose strength.

“This system would move towards the south of Peru, with a tendency to decrease its intensity, so it would have, then, minimal or no influence on rainfall”indicated the Inmahi in a statement.

This shift to the south will take place, according to the Ecuadorian agency, starting this Sunday, so Yaku will no longer have a direct impact on the rainfall recorded in the coastal areas of Ecuador in recent days, which have caused various floods.

“This does not necessarily mean a decrease in rainfall (in Ecuador), so monitoring will be maintained permanently”Inmahi warned in his statement.

In Ecuador, the most important flood occurred this week in the city of Chone, where three people died and some 2,000 families have been affected, in addition to causing irreparable damage to the public hospital, for which the Government has announced that it will build new one.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 489 emergencies due to rain in Ecuador, which have left 17 people dead, 108 homeless and more than 7,000 affected, in addition to 37 homes destroyed and damage to more than 1,800 properties, according to the latest balance of the National Secretariat. of Risks.

Source: EFE

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