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China prohibits its influencers 31 behaviors that it considers “bad habits”

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Chinese authorities issued a new code of conduct that includes 31 “bad habits” that influencers from the Asian country must avoid, various local media reported.

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Among the regulations, the prohibition of defaming Chinese culture, historical figures and national heroes, or avoiding the promotion of topics considered sensitive stands out.

The measures seek a cyberspace “healthy”, or, in other words, expanding its Internet control model in a booming industry.


For “professionalize” the sector, the presenters must obtain qualifications according to their role, although since the beginning of this year a series of requirements have been demanded from the main online transmission platforms in this regard.

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The code, which was published by the National Video and Television Administration of China and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, includes 18 articles, among which the aforementioned “prohibited conduct”.

The protection of minors on the network is another of the objectives set with the publication of these regulations, since the ‘streamers’ will be prohibited from inducing minor users to give clues about their identity, the administration declared.

Live broadcasters will also be required to declare their income and pay taxes according to the law to avoid cases like those of famous online event host Huang Wei, who was fined 1.341 million yuan (US) last December. $203 million, 180 million euros) for tax evasion.

Previously, Chinese President Xi Jinping had called for regulating and adjusting income “excessively high” and “irrational” and encouraged to “individuals and companies” to what “give back to society”, in line with the concept of “common prosperity” promoted by Beijing for a few months.

These measures accompany those that appear in the draft law prepared and presented last week by the Cyberspace Administration of China, with which they seek to regulate social networking services and video platforms so that they review the comments written by users. before they are published.

China is the country with the most Internet users in the world (around 700 million) but at the same time one of those that exercises the most control over web content, as shown by the fact that popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube are blocked in the country for years.

Source: Gestion

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