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Bosak was afraid that the Union would force him to eat crickets.  We explain how serious it is

Bosak was afraid that the Union would force him to eat crickets. We explain how serious it is

Krzysztof Bosak, one of the leaders of the Confederation and the nationalist National Movement, fears that the European Union – as part of the “globalist agenda” may force us to eat insects.

Recently, that air pollution maps are not a conspiracy, now we will try to explain that it is also not in the EU regulations on insect food. and Frans Timmermans will not come from Brussels to sneak crickets into the flour at Bosak’s favorite bakery.

Politics was aroused by the fact that in breakfast programs – both on TVN and TVP – there were materials about eating insects. Bosak sees here “taming the society” and the message of the leading media quite crudely coordinated regarding the globalist agenda.”

The whole scandal about eating worms came from the January change in EU regulations. However, they are not a novelty (worms can already be eaten and many of us do it, although we do not even know it), and the EU regulations do not force anything in this matter – they only give entrepreneurs (and consumers) the opportunity.

Controversial cricket meal

In order for new food products to be sold on the common market, they must be approved by the European Union institutions. This is preceded by tests checking, among others, whether these products are safe for health.

In January, the European Commission approved the marketing of two new insects – larvae of the black beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus) in dried, paste or powder form, and defatted house cricket powder. The former are already used to make, for example, burgers or bars, which draw attention to the very high content of protein, iron or “good” fat. Crickets are eaten whole, such as roasted, and also in the form of a meal that can be added to pasta, cookies and other products to increase the protein content.

Although also products made of them, this information caused a wave of comments. Some, like Bosak, saw a conspiracy and threatened that the EU would add insects to other products without the knowledge of consumers. Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski from PiS assessed that it was.

However, allowing products to enter the European market means just that – allowing them to be sold under full conditions, not forcing anyone to eat them. The European Commission points out that insects as a food alternative to meat have many advantages – a positive impact on the environment (eg drastically less water consumption) or health. Recalling information from the World Food Organization, the EC writes that insects are rich in nutrients and are a healthy source of protein, fiber and minerals. The Union supports research and innovation in this area. However, as it was emphasized, “it is up to consumers to decide whether to eat insects or not.” Will people choose to do it? 14 percent people in Poland are ready to eat insects whole, and 18 percent. – as an ingredient of another product.

There is no way – as some social media posts suggest – that insects are added to products without our knowledge. First, information about it should be included in the composition. But it is not everything. Since insects can potentially cause an allergic reaction in people allergic to dust mites or shellfish, such a warning will also be placed on the packaging. In addition to legal requirements, manufacturers sometimes even advertise products as containing, for example, crickets.

The indignation may also be surprising because this is not the first decision to allow insects to enter the EU market. In addition to new products, cochineal, a red food dye obtained from insects – cactus bugs, has been used for a long time. It can be found, for example, in yoghurts, jellies, preserves and many other products.

It is also quite bizarre that the conspiracy and scandal around the permission to use worms in food is sniffed by the so-called. libertarians – a political group that is theoretically in favor of liberalizing regulations in various fields and “allowing people to do what they want”. But as you can see – there is a “but” to everything. Maybe Krzysztof Bosak simply has very strict rules on food – when he asked for a meal “without meat” and he was offered vegetables, not fish, and whether “vegetarianism offends God”. Staying in the culinary thread, let’s sum up the whole thing with a meme – enjoy!

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