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Mafia fugitive captured in France after publication in a newspaper of his skills as a pizza chef

Mafia fugitive captured in France after publication in a newspaper of his skills as a pizza chef

A mob fugitive who had been on the run for 17 years after being accused of beating two brothers to death He was found working at a pizzeria in France. Edgar Greco63, was captured by Interpol after brag about their authentic Italian recipes in a Saint-Etienne newspaper.

The mobster of the Ndrangheta, known as the ‘prison killer’ lived in the French town since 2014 after fleeing an arrest warrant in 2006 for the murder of two brothers in Calabria.

Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo were taken to the back of a fishmonger in 1991 and brutally beaten to death with iron bars before their bodies were dissolved in acid.

Interpol, the international police organization based in Lyon, France, said the killings were “part of a ‘mafia war…that marked the 1990s’ in Italy”.

His Perna-Pranno clan was linked to a series of murders while fighting for supremacy in Calabria in the 1990s. Greco, who was jailed for bank robbery, earned his nickname after attempting to stab an enemy in prison. in the 1980s. But he disappeared after being charged with the double murder before appearing in France under the name Paolo Dimitrio.

He initially started working as a chef in Lyon and opened his own restaurant before moving to Saint-Etienne in 2014. Investigators kept tabs on him through his accomplices, but Greco was unaware of his investigation. He even gave an interview about his experience making pizzas to the local newspaper Le Progres.

The article said: “A little corner of Italy has just settled at 19 rue Pointe-Cadet.”

Agatino Saverio Spoto, an Italian Carabinieri police officer, said: “His passion for cooking was one of the elements that betrayed him.” ANDThe investigative work of the Cosenza police, the Calabrian town where Greco is from, and the action of the Chief Prosecutor of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteriwas also essential in finding the whereabouts of the fugitive.

The ‘Ndrangheta, is one of the most powerful cocaine traffickers in the world and is seen as the biggest threat among organized crime syndicates. In recent years, Ndrangheta gangsters have been arrested across Europe and even in Brazil.

Source: Eluniverso

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