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Two young people were traveling in a vehicle with “highly dangerous” rifles near La Floresta park

Two young people were traveling in a vehicle with “highly dangerous” rifles near La Floresta park

Vicente HP, 27, and Erick AH, 19, were arrested while traveling in a black vehicle with three long-range weapons in the La Floresta neighborhood, south of Guayaquil.

The apprehension of the individuals occurred this Friday night during a control operation that police personnel deployed in the vicinity of La Amistad park, formerly known as La Mafia.

In previous years, videos have been recorded in this park of people using weapons to shoot into the air.

During these preventive actions, this Friday night, the staff noticed an unusual attitude of a car, for which they ask to stop for the respective registration.

Inside the car, hidden compartments were found to carry the heavy-caliber weapons.

Police personnel explained that the car had one of the hiding places in the area of ​​the armrest and gear lever, between the pilot and passenger seats.

In this vehicle, a total of three 2.23 caliber long rifles and five 2.23 feeders and another corresponding to 9 mm were found, as well as 273 2.23 caliber cartridges.

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These weapons have accessories for use with a shot selector, compensators and sound suppressors and a retractable buttstock system to facilitate maneuvers, described the commander of Police Zone 8, Edwin Noguera.

“They are highly dangerous because of the lack of control in the hands of people who do not have a professional level and training,” said Noguera.

The police chief said that this weapon originates from the United States and is usually used by elite teams of State forces, but in the hands of criminals they become highly dangerous in their manipulation as well as in violent events where collateral victims can be had by the burst of shots. that are caused in a single activation of the weapon.

Noguera said that the respective follow-up will be carried out so that the judicial actors follow a fair process, since, according to the police chief, alternative measures have been given to the suspects on other occasions. “It is time that we effectively support the citizens and the civilian population in these hearings,” he said.

Both detainees were placed under the orders of the competent authorities for the respective flagrante delicto hearing for arms trafficking. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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