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“I will leave when we have called the elections” and “Puno is not Peru”, the phrases left by Dina Boluarte’s press conference

This Tuesday, the Peruvian president Dina Boluarte He offered a press conference before international media in which he referred to the protests that have taken place in recent weeks in his country.

Boluarte began his intervention by asking for forgiveness from the relatives of those who died during the demonstrations. In the same way, he called for a national truce and to establish dialogue tables in response to the protesters’ request for Boluarte’s resignation.

In Peru, 46 deaths have been registered in five weeks of protests.

Peru declares investigation for “genocide” for deaths that occurred in protests

“I call on my beloved homeland for a national truce to be able to establish dialogue tables, to be able to set the agenda for each region and develop our towns,” he said, describing the protesters who relaunched the protests as “violent radicals with their own agenda.” in the southern Andes.

Boluarte assumed power on December 7 after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo, who tried to dissolve Parliament although constitutionally he could not do so.

Although he ruled out his resignation, he called on Congress to vote for the project to advance the general elections.

“I will leave when we have called the general elections (…) I have no intention of staying in power,” he said emphatically, adding that Congress “without a doubt” will confirm in February the advance of the elections, scheduled for April 2024.

“Would my resignation solve the crisis and the violence? Who would assume the presidency of the Republic? ”, He pointed out when asked by the press about his permanence in office.

In the same way, he described what took place on December 7 as a failed coup d’état.

“The way in which Pedro Castillo left is a way of victimizing himself to say that a coup has taken place when he is the author of his own coup, and not leaving due to the pressure of the 57 tax files that he has against him. for acts of corruption,” said Boluarte.

For Castillo “it was convenient for him to carry out a self-coup to victimize himself and move all this paramilitary apparatus and not respond to the public ministry for the acts of corruption for which they are being denounced. There is no victim here, Mr. Castillo, here is a country that is bleeding to death as a result of its irresponsibility, ”he said.

One of the statements that has brought criticism was the one he said about Puno. The president pointed out that Puno was not Peru, referring to the wave of violence and that they should protect the lives of all citizens in their country as well as that they are not generating violence. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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