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The main problem of MacBook with “monobrow” is named

Apple designer Linda Dong responded to social media users who criticized the MacBook Pro. Dong messages are available on the specialist page at Twitter.

A representative of the American company drew attention to the criticism of the new Apple laptop among visitors to social networks. They were unhappy with the screen cutout, doubted its usefulness and could not understand how the “monobrow” would be built into the computer interface. Dong noted on Twitter that the cutout will automatically hide when apps are launched in full screen mode.

Also, the designer noted that the cursor will not bury itself in the “monobrow”, but hide under it. Unlike many users, Dong called this feature not a major problem, but one of the main advantages of the new design. Some Apple consumers agreed with the author, noting that the cursor can be hidden while watching a video.

Earlier, journalists from Digital Trends told why, in their opinion, a design element from the iPhone appeared in the new MacBook Pro. According to the authors, in this way the company draws attention to the release and hints that it is not going to abandon the “monobrow” in the future.

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