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Commission investigating Pandora Papers in the National Assembly ran out of guests

According to a resolution, the seven people will be invited again for Saturday, October 23

The Constitutional Guarantees Commission, this October 20, was left without appearing in the investigation process on the Pandora Papers. Of the seven guests, none attended the call made by the legislative board.

For the afternoon, the appearance of the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, was also scheduled, but he sent a letter to the president of the table, José Cabascango, where he reiterates that he has no relationship with trusts in tax havens and invites the table to a meeting in Carondelet, once all the appearances have concluded.

For that session, without being part of the commission, 25 legislators requested to participate and who represent the Union for Hope UNES, the National Agreement Bank and the Pachakutik bloc.

Guillermo Lasso responds to the Assembly on Pandora’s papers and invites Carondelet to the Commission

In the October 20 session, guests were Roger Arosemena Benítez, María de Lourdes Alcívar, Santiago Xavier Lasso Alcívar, Jaime Durán Barba, Arturo Serrano Salgado, Miguel Macías Yerovi and Euvenia Touriz Mawyin.

According to the commission’s secretariat, despite the steps taken, it was not possible to contact: Arturo Serrano Salgado, Miguel Macías Yerovi and Euvenia Touriz Mawyin.

Instead, the table received a letter dated October 19 from Roger Arosemena, stating that he is unwell, unable to attend the invitation and will have a license until October 22.

A letter signed by María de Lourdes Alcívar and her son Santiago Xavier was also read, where they point out that not being public officials they are not obliged to appear, and despite the fact that the communication indicates that their appearance cannot be delegated, they are willing to delegate to their lawyer Eduardo Carmigniani Valencia, for which the date and time should be indicated.

First lady and her son Santiago Lasso delegate their lawyer to answer about Pandora’s papers

Victoria Desintonio moved that session 034 of the commission be suspended and moved to Saturday, October 23, and that all the people who were scheduled be notified for the second time.

The motion was supported by six votes that came from the Pachakutik and Union por la Esperanza benches. The allies of the ruling party Gruber Zambrano and Virgilio Saquicela voted against it. (I)

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