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Netflix may raise prices.  And that means a lot.  The increase is also possible in Poland

Netflix may raise prices. And that means a lot. The increase is also possible in Poland

Netflix is ​​preparing further increases, say analysts from UBC Securities. And this time, the increase in subscription prices may not bypass Poland.

Netflix, which is one of the most expensive streaming platforms, refrained from global increases in subscription prices last year. This happened only in a few countries, including: in the USA, Great Britain and France. Now, however, the increases may also affect Polish subscribers.

Experts: Netflix will raise prices in 2024

that Netflix is ​​achieving great financial results. In the fourth quarter of last year, the platform boasted revenues of $8.83 billion. This includes: the effect of a record number of subscribers – 260 million. This year, Netflix intends to grow its revenues by as much as 15 percent, compared to 7 percent last year. Therefore, experts from the analytical company UBS Securities believe that the streaming platform will increase prices by as much as 15%. In October last year, Netflix already increased the price of the basic package in the US from $9.99 to $11.99 per month, and a similar scale of increases also took place in France and the UK.

Significant words from one of the CEOs of Netflix

Greg Peters, one of the CEOs of Netflix, partially revealed the company’s plans during a conference on the platform’s results in the fourth quarter of 2023. In his opinion, the increases in the above-mentioned countries “went better” than expected. It is therefore possible that a similar variant will be used for users from other countries. – We will continue to monitor other countries – said Peters, quoted by. In his opinion, such monitoring will help determine the right moment to “ask customers to pay a little more.” So as to “maintain this positive flywheel so that we can invest in more great films, series and games,” he added. According to experts, in such a case the increases will affect most countries. And most likely they will also affect platform users in Poland.

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