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They live like in the TV series “Golden Woman” from 1985. Friends in their 80s moved in together.  “We support each other”

They live like in the TV series “Golden Woman” from 1985. Friends in their 80s moved in together. “We support each other”

Four women from California have been called the real “Golden Girls”, in reference to the popular series with the brilliant actress Betty White. They were named after moving into the same house 75 years after they became best friends in high school.

Four women who graduated from high school together in the 1950s; they met again in the retirement home, becoming the modern “Golden Girls” from the 1985-1992 series. Joan Harris, Elsie Webb, Sylvia Crane and Mary Grace Tassone have been living at Atria Senior Living in Grass Valley, California for a year. They claim it was the best decision of their lives.

The friendship of the four ladies is delightful. Women believe that there is nothing more beautiful than growing old with friends

When I walked into the dining room, all three of them were there, it was a nice feeling

Sylvia Crane and Joan Harris screenshot from youtube Good morning America, 4 former high school friends live together at the same retirement center

All four women graduated from Mount Saint Mary Academy in the 1950s and went their own ways, pursuing careers and starting families. Crane was the last of the group to move into the facility in July and said she was relieved to see the familiar faces of her friends.

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The women have been called modern heroines of the TV series “Golden Woman”. Ladies laugh at this term

We talk about various things from high school

The women did not plan to live together, they were brought together by chance, and now they cannot imagine life without each other. They talk about their high school years together and help each other with many everyday activities. They say there’s nothing better than growing old with your friends.

The ladies spend every free moment together and go to many activities together. They claim that they are experiencing a second youth

Hold on to the friends you have, because you don’t know how long they’ll be here

The women meet for various activities, such as movie nights and musical performances, and also reminisce about their school days.

Their living situation is reminiscent of The Golden Girls’ hit TV show, “The Golden Girls,” about four lonely older women living together in Miami during their golden years. Inspired by the cult series, the friends from Sacramento said they like to call themselves the “Silver Girls.”

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