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“Poranek TVP Info” like a warm-up.  Bartosz Cebeñko started to run away from the camera

“Poranek TVP Info” like a warm-up. Bartosz Cebeñko started to run away from the camera

TVP Info viewers are accustomed to a calm and subdued program. However, viewers of the station who watched it on Wednesday morning could see something else. One of the channel’s presenters, Bartosz Cebeñko, started behaving very unusually in front of the camera. However, he quickly found an explanation for the whole situation.

After the ruling coalition began depoliticizing Telewizja Polska, we can see the return of well-known faces and complete debuts on the broadcaster’s air. A new person who started cooperation with TVP for the first time is Bartosz Cebeńko, who became the third host of “Teleexpress”, but we can also watch him during TVP Info services.

Bartosz Cebeńko came to TVP from Polsat. He was once suspected of collaborating with TVN

The journalist was previously associated with Polsat, and recently with the terrestrial station Event 24, where he also ran websites and presented interesting facts from the world of social media. However, he gained considerable recognition already in 2013, when he visited restaurants after Magda Gessler’s “Kitchen Revolutions” and reviewed the changes she had introduced in the premises.

Some people suspected Cebeńka of creating such content because he had signed a contract with Gessler and TVN. The journalist firmly denied these rumors in an interview with the portal in 2013. – I have already found out that I am Magda Gessler’s cousin, son and lover. That I work for her, she hired me, and TVN pays me. People! If TVN paid me, I would have a Mercedes, not a Volkswagen Caddy, and I wouldn’t be looking for a sponsor for gasoline, he explained.

A surprising camera situation. “I don’t know what you just witnessed…”

It turns out that the journalist’s sense of humor has not left him all these years. TVP Info viewers saw this when they watched the station on Wednesday morning, when Cebeńko was the host of the news service in “Poranek”. At one point, when there were journalists finishing the press review in the foreground, the presenter entered into a surprising interaction with the moving camera.

Internet users wondered in the comments where the journalist’s strange behavior came from. Some people suspected that he drank too much coffee, but the explanation turned out to be completely different. Cebeńko also noted that the entire action was planned.

– We just wanted to show you how the automatic camera system works and this is what it looks like. A bit of cooking has never killed anyone, but believe me, everyone is safe here, he explained.

Source: Gazeta

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