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Orange will turn off this network in Poland.  Who needs to replace their phone or SIM card?

Orange will turn off this network in Poland. Who needs to replace their phone or SIM card?

Orange will turn off the 3G network in other areas of Poland. As a result, some users may need to change their SIM card or phone. The operator informed what to pay attention to and when the announced changes will come into force.

The Orange network, as announced, continues to turn off the 3G network in Poland. In May, residents of Słupsk and Koszalin will experience this. Some users will then need to replace their SIM card or phone. The operator provided a detailed schedule of changes along with the counties that will have to prepare soon.

Orange turns off 3G. The operator provided a schedule of changes

Turning off 3G is a natural consequence of the development of subsequent generations of networks. “In place of 3G, i.e. in the 900 MHz band, we are switching on the LTE network,” Orange announced. The change allows, among other things, to improve the quality of the operator’s services and the coverage of the LTE network. The shutdown schedule is as follows:

  • May 6-10 – poviats: Słupsk, including the city of Słupsk (urban poviat), Lębork, Sławno, Bytów;
  • May 13-17 – poviats: Koszalin, including the city of Koszalin (urban poviat), Człuchów, Szczecin;
  • May 20-24 – poviats: Kołobrzeg, Białogard, Świdwin, Drawsko.

How to prepare for turning off the 3G network in Orange? The operator gave instructions

3G users should check that the phone and SIM card they are using are 4G LTE compatible and support VoLTE. To do this, send a free SMS with the content CARD to the number 80233. In response, you will receive a message containing information whether and what should be done. The service is available to Orange and nju mobile customers, and people using Orange Flex can check their card and phone using the chat available in the application. If you need to replace your SIM card with a newer one, Orange offers this service free of charge in the showroom. However, when choosing a new phone, it is worth paying attention to whether it supports VoLTE technology. Models that do not support 3G include:

  • Apple iPhone 3G S,
  • Apple iPhone 5,
  • Alcatel 3025X,
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300,
  • HTC One Max,
  • Huawei Ascend P6,
  • LG Swift 2X,
  • Motorola RAZR,
  • Nokia Lumia 1020,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II,
  • Samsung Galaxy S III,
  • Sony Xperia Z,
  • Sony Xperia U

Orange increases LTE coverage

Orange started turning off 3G last year. The operator reported that this allowed for many improvements. “We have increased the LTE coverage. In locations where 3G in the 900 MHz band was previously available, 4G can now be used,” it was reported. In addition, bandwidth efficiency was increased, which meant that the operator’s customers sent approximately 12 percent more data in the entire LTE network in the blackout areas from September to December. “As a result of refarming and enabling LTE, we were able to transmit twice as much data in the 900 MHz band than before, when it was fully intended for 3G. Simply put, through appropriate parameterization and the use of newer technology, we are able to ‘fit’ more data in the same frequency resource,” wrote Orange.

The operator also assured that the quality of services has also improved. “We recorded a dozen or so percent increase in voice traffic in VoLTE technology, which ensures higher sound quality. The number of problematic situations in the LTE network, which were mainly related to overloads, decreased. We recorded an over 30 percent decrease in such events, despite a dozen or so percent increase in network traffic,” it said. .

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