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Apple wanted to make it more difficult to repair iPhone yourself

Apple wanted to make it more difficult to repair iPhone yourself

404 Media: Apple opposed the exclusive right to repair gadgets

Apple has opposed the right to repair its gadgets using third-party equipment. This was reported by 404 Media.

Media journalists noted that hearings are being held in different regions of the United States regarding a law giving consumers the right to independently repair gadgets. In Oregon, Apple spokesman John Perry opposed the exclusive right of users, citing company policy.

According to Perry, the corporation allows iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices of varying degrees of complexity to be installed at home, but using official Apple equipment. A representative of the IT giant explained that this is necessary for security reasons. “Consumers want parts that do not pose a safety risk,” said John Perry.

The publication’s journalists noted that Apple distributes parts for repairing some of its gadgets. However, if batteries or Face ID sensors were installed without using original accessories, smartphones and other devices may display messages indicating that the part is not genuine.

Earlier, Electronics Hub specialists listed the smartphones that their owners repaired most often. The top included iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s.

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